Priscilla Laurel
Priscilla Laurel


When I was asked to collaborate with a designer to adorn her garments for the runway, I knew that I needed to create oversized, over the top accessories that could be seen from afar. It was a sharp contrast to the small and delicate designs I had been used to creating – whispers and glints of metal that were meant to grace the nuances of a woman’s body. This runway version needed to be bold, almost theatrical and voice a bigger message.

Putting the two styles of jewelry side by side, with two different purposes, I realized it was really two different brands. I still love creating delicate everyday pieces for the woman who like to wear “just a little something”, but I also love to design bold avant-garde work, where I get to push beyond the box and have no limits to what I can create. It’s this theatrical avant-garde look that is how Priscilla Laurél was born.

Because of my performing background, my design style rides the line between theatre, runway, gallery, and performance – the aspect of jewelry as art to wear.  Priscilla Laurel begins with a similar aesthetic as its sister brand, joyarte, with its lyrical and open spaced lines, but it performs on a bigger stage, taking it a few steps further to reach beyond the proscenium.

When I create jewelry, I see the whole portrait – an editorial performance in fashion and art. At my bench, music is always there to guide me, and a jewelry choreography emerges. As the finished piece graces the body, the stage is set – the interactive performance begins.

I design so the wearer can experience that they are part of the performance, that they are part of the canvas, that they are part of the art.