Priscilla Laurel
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TFII Texas Fashion Industry Initiative

I must start at the beginning as to why my passion for positive fashion growth has become almost an obsession, and why this organization is my biggest #communitycrush.

It was 2015.

It was on Facebook.

It was a little known inaugural Awards program called San Antonio Fashion Awards.

And it took me completely by surprise. It splashed all over my feed, again and again. I was mesmerized by the posts from attendees. Photos poured out in front of me, showing fashion (in San Antonio!!) that was dazzling. The selfies and professional photos abounded in a profusion of excitement and sparkle. Garments were upscale and full of glam. Hair and makeup were on point.

The Red Carpet was a place of envy.
And I kept asking myself “How did I not know about this? And WHY wasn’t I there??”

Six months later, social  media posts announced the following year’s event. I HAD to be a part of this. I messaged the producer and that’s when I met Burgundy Woods for the first time. Over coffee and exciting convo, I immediately became a sponsor.

I then found ways to get my work on the StyleLush team, on presenters, and models for the breakout designers. It’s a rush I get to experience annually, where, as an artist, I get to go big, bold….dramatic. I get to go where there are no limits, where creativity abounds, and I’m inspired to push further, better and higher.

It is a time and place where there is never a NO, only a resounding YES.
I LIVE for this time of the fashion year.

Fast forward 4 years to now…. Burgundy and StyleLush TV have legally acquired the rights to produce Fashion Week San Antonio again, an entity that with all its initial best intentions had become a bad memory. Rebranded as Fashion Week SATX, the week’s productions would also encompass the Fashion Awards, along with Fashion is Art and Look Local, among a few others.

As news broke fast, I learned that Burgundy wasn’t stopping there. The best part is that she masterminds TFII Texas Fashion Industry Initiative, a 501c-3 designed to provide showcase opportunities and educational resources for local AND state talent. It is also the underscoring entity to financially produce Fashion Week SATX.

My heart sang! I KNEW if anyone could give the attention, love and justice to FWSA and TFII, it was Burgundy and her team. She has the focused vision, the right people, and the best heart to make these two entities the finest they can ever be.

Now, as a professional founding member of TFII Texas Fashion Industry Initiative, I am incredibly honored and thrilled to be included in this group.

I am exposed to like-minded professionals where we can share creative ideas and support each others goals. I can benefit from a bigger platform where I can give back to the community to further share my art, inspire my followers, and mentor new talent to explore their natural gifts. I have unlimited opportunities to defend and advocate our position for progressive artistic growth in the city. And I am proud to be a positive voice for the fashion community in a city that is still awakening to the amazing fashion possibilities.

Finally…TFII Texas Fashion Industry Initiative…. a creative place for me to call home.