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Priscilla Laurel Launch Display
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Launch Party!

We welcomed family, friends, and the fashion community to our Launch Party for Priscilla Laurél at the Flagship store for Lili Alessandra Fine Linens in San Antonio, on March 28, 2019.
As most of us turn to lifestyle brands, the atmosphere was a perfect blend of upscale lifestyle, with gorgeously gilded statement jewelry in the beautiful and impeccably appointed luxury linens boutique.

Priscilla Martinez, designer of the jewelry brand, created a unique visual arrangement using local limestone rocks and slabs of rough travertine marble. Situated in the center of the store, the jewelry was then artfully placed within the stone sculpture to showcase the glimmering gold jewelry pieces. The Priscilla Laurél display was surrounded with delicious eats and treats, fragrant flowers, and breathtaking bedding ensembles filled with detailed pillows and lush duvets.

We invited our guests to explore the jewelry and the store. They delighted as they tried on and modeled the jewelry, indulged in the linens, and filled shopping bags to bring their treasures home.

A limited collection of Priscilla Laurél jewelry is still available in-store at Lili Allessandra on Loop 1604 in San Antonio, and nationwide on her online website,