Priscilla Laurel


Priscilla Martinez
Priscilla Martinez – Chief Creative Officer

I love designing jewelry in extremes. I love creating that handcrafted quality that comes from the use of handtools that produce hammered surfaces and contrasting textures – features that can be appreciated close up as well as afar.

Priscilla Laurel highlights the theatrical quality of bold pieces.

Because of my performing background, my design style rides the line between theatre, runway, gallery, and performance – the aspect of jewelry as art to wear. 

For example, when I create a piece of choreography for my ballet students, I see everything –costumes, lighting, silhouettes created by dancers bodies against a colored backdrop, expressions on dancers faces, deep connections from the audience. I visualize all of that. I use the music to inspire me to tell a story in movement, while the dancers interpret visuals I give them to bring the story to life.

When I create jewelry, I see the whole portrait – an editorial performance in fashion and art. At my bench, music is there once again to guide me, and a jewelry choreography emerges. As the finished piece graces the body, the stage is set – the interactive performance begins.

I design so the wearer can experience that they are part of the performance, that they are part of the canvas, that they are part of the art.

“One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art” – Oscar Wilde